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In January 2015, Indira founded Wines of Illyria, a wine import company in Austria, dedicated to bringing wines from the former Yugoslavia to European Union consumers. Her goal was to create jobs for unemployed youth in Bosnia-Herzegovina and stop the brain drain, one of the biggest issues the country was facing at that time. In addition, Indira wanted to create a positive image of Bosnia-Herzegovina and add it to the list of world’s well known wine producing counties, as the long history of wine making warrants it. In March 2016, she expanded the business to the US. Indira continues to work with both large and small wineries throughout the Balkan Peninsula sourcing and bringing to consumers premium quality wines made of native varieties: Vranac, Blatina, Plavac Mali, Zilavka, Malvazija, Posip and others. Indira wholesales in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and works with her partner distributors in Missouri, Kentucky, New Hapshire, Vermont, New York and soon Connecticut.  

As the Brand Ambassador of Wines of Illyria, Indira participates in wine shows, in all the states where her wines are present, and organizes wines tastings to educate sales staff and consumers on over 2000-year long tradition of wine making in the land once known as Ancient Illyria. Indira is using a website and social media for marketing: www.WinesofIllyria.com; www.facebook.com/WinesofIllyria;  Wines of Illyria Twitter;

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