Wines of Illyria

BLATINA (Blah-tee-nah); Native Variety from Ancient Illyria; Premium Quality, Dry, Red Wine


Blatina variety is rare, it grows only in Herzegovina and no other place in the world. It is fickle, not only dependent upon perfect climate and optimal weather conditions, it does not have the anatomy to self-pollinate and requires other varieties to be planted nearby. When conditions are just right, this rare grape produces a red, full bodied wine with generous flavors of dark berries, hints of fig, ripe plum, earth and chocolate. 

This wine is well suited for grilled red meats, chicken, sausage, or seafood paella made with red peppers and onions; throw in garlic and you will be in heaven. 

CHAMPION Red Wine and multiple GOLD medals for the past  nine years at all South East Europe Wine Fairs. Parker Point Score 87.80 POINTS;
THE BEST BLATINA SORT awards at the Mostar Fairs, Bosnia and Herzegovina every year since 2008.
GOLD MEDAL – Check Republic Wine Fair XII WINE Litomerice 2014 

PLAVAC MALI (Plah-vatz Mah-lee); Premium Quality, Dry, Red Wine


This full bodied wine is made of 100% Plavac Mali, the original Zinfandel, a native variety of  Herzegovina (HER-tsuh-goh-vee-nuh) wine region and Croatian islands. One can taste Mediterranean heat, limestone rich soil, aromas of fruits, minerals and herbs in every drop of this wine. This very tasty and elegant wine exhibits ripe pomegranate, plums and almonds, currants, and other dark red fruit flavors. Authentic, pure and very well balanced, with wonderful integration of tannins and acidity. Aged in large oak barrels for two years. A lovely wine to pair with steak, lamb, pork or pasta. Decant it few hours or a day before consuming, to let it show it’s full potential. 

VRANAC (Vrah-natz) ​Native Variety from Ancient Illyria;Premium Quality, Dry, Red Wine


This wine is made of 100% Vranac, a kingpin grape of the Herzegovina wine region, closely related to Zinfandel and Primitivo. This is a very seductive wine with fresh acidity and discreet fuitiness; Light scents of violet and a hint of wisteria mark the nose. Soft currant and elderberry flavors are accompanied by an undertone of rose hip. An elegant, minerally wine with notes of plum, blackberry and a pinch of saltiness. So fresh, balanced and pleasant for every day drinking.
GOLD Medal GAST Split Wine Fair 2013, Croatia; GOLD Medal Mostar Fair 2015, Bosnia and Herzegovina. SCORE 86 POINTS – Check Republic XII WINE Litomerice 2014.

ZILAVKA (Zhi-luv-kah), Premium Quality Dry White Wine


This wine is made of 100% Zilavka, a native grape of the Herzegovina region which has a Mediterranean climate and a limestone rich soil. The wine exudes soft, discreet aromas of citrus blossom and lemon peel, with just a hint of linden blossom. Refreshing and juicy, the palate expresses light tones of white currant and white peach. The acidity is perfectly integrated, revealing an elegant wine with beautiful structure. It perfectly complements all white meat dishes, fish, clams and crabs. GOLD Medals every year since 2008 at the Mostar Fair, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Vinovita Fair, Zagreb in Croatia. GOLD Medal at the Wine Fair  GAST Split 2011, Croatia.

STONE CUVEE (K (Y) oo va), Premium Quality Dry White Wine



This wine is made of 90% ZILAVKA and 10% BENA, indigenous grapes of the sun washed Herzegovina region. Clean and refreshing, showing elegance and flavors of green apples, lychee and honey, scents of chamomile and verbena with a slight mineral tone. The ripe, warm flavors of apricot, star fruit and a hint of anise are coddled by juicy acidity, fine minerality and a long herbal-toned finish. Best paired with white meat dishes and seafood. CHAMPION White Wine at the Mostar Fair 2015, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Score 87.25 POINTS. 

GOLD Medal GAST Split Wine Fair 2015, Croatia.

TEUTA (Tay-OOH-ta) - Warrior Queen of the Illyrians;​ BLATINA Reserve 2011



This wine is made of 100% Blatina, a native variety of the Herzegovina wine region. Young wine is stored in brand new small oak barrels ( 225 l) to mature for 2 to 2.5 years. Maturing in bottle for 6 more months. In this wine, vanilla, blueberry and sweet marzipan aromas are revealed. Supporting the juicy acidity are flavors of blackberry and cream, red plum, black currant and mulberry. A fresh and vibrant wine with a soft choco-mocha character on the finish. Best suited for beefsteak, spicy fish stews, game and other picante foods. 

LIBURNA (LEE-boor-nah) - The Warship of the Illyrians VRANAC Reserve – 2011

Premium Quality, Dry, Red Wine. The bold character and vitality of the vranac grape reminds us of th


Premium quality dry red wine. The bold character and vitality of the vranac grape reminds us of that formidable warship of yesteryear. In honor of this, we call our barique version of this wine Liburna, Warship of the Illyrians. This wine is made of 100% Vranac, a kingpin grape of the Herzegovina region, closely related to Zinfandel and Primitivo. This elegant wine was matured in Slavonian, French and American oak barriques for two and a half years, to accentuate its firm, refined structure. Soft mineral and raspberry scents with a slight whiff of wild rose come through on the nose, while the palate uncovers tones of raspberry, rose hip, red currant, a touch of olive and a slight hint of salty spice. Very minerally with harmonious acidity and beautiful wood integration. Pure drinking pleasure. Best suited for steaks and game dishes. 750 ml Alc.; 13% By Vol. 

Illyrian Romance Red; Semi Sweet

This is a smooth, easy to drink, everyday red wine that is best when enjoyed with special friends. A well-balanced blend of native and international varieties off the Ancient Illyria: Vranac, Blatina and Merlot, with sweet and ripe berry overtones, pairs well with spicy dishes, fresh fruit, nuts, and mild cheese. The wine contains 20 gr of residual sugar.

Let Illyrian Romance Red, be the spark that ignites your passion for fun. 

Best served chilled. 

Illyrian Romance White; Semi Sweet



This wine is made of 100% Zilavka, an indigenous grape of the MOSTAR wine region. It is a refreshingly smooth white wine that is best shared with special friends. A well-balanced, fragrant wine with a light straw color and hints of honey on the tongue followed by slight bitterness on the back; It pairs well with salted nuts, spicy sausages, and a variety of cheeses, pasta or pizza. Best served chilled. 

Let Illyrian Romance white, be the spark that ignites your passion for fun.