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We import premium quality, naturally produced, vintage wines, made from native varieties of the ancient Illyria.

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History of Wine Making in the Ancient Illyria


2000 years of wine making history in this region

"A 2200 year old shipwreck, filled with amphorae of Illyrian wine, found in a Bosnia and Herzegovina marsh in the summer of 2007, brings to mind ancient Mediterranean trade routes. Wine has always been a staple of this sun washed land, what was once called Illyria. The tradition of producing quality wine with local grape varietals continues today and “Wines of Illyria” is proud to bring them to you" I.B.


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We import and wholesale premium quality, naturally produced, hand picked and selected,  wines made from native, old world varieties,  infused with Mediterranean fruits, herbs and sun.

We are in process of selecting the finest spirits made of locally grown fruits: plums, wild pears, apples, wild apples, quince, infused with walnuts, sour cherries, herbs, and more.


Our Story


Indira Bayer, originally from the Former Yugoslavia, immigrated to the United States in 1996. Since becoming a US citizen, she worked seven years as an Assistant Vice President and other roles of Bank of America's Small Business Banking, six years as an Assistance Coordinator and other roles with the US Department of State in the Balkans, and a year as an Adjunct Lecturer of Accounting at the American University in Bosnia and Hercegovina.

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